WordPress Newbie? How do I get started with a WordPress Blog

December 12, 2009


If you would like to build your own WordPress Blogs or Websites and you havn’t got the confidence or don’t understand all the technical stuff, I would be happy to help you but I would also recommend that you get a few tools to make the job so much easier to understand.  WordPress Classroom 50 Video Tutorials with step  by step instructions are a must have.


I have been asked the question How do I get started with building a WordPress Blog or Website?? so many times I thought I would write a post on how I got started with WordPress. The thing is, if you are a complete newbie like I was, take it stage by stage and don’t get frightened if you don’t understand the terminology and the information on WordPress.org is way beyond you. I was exactly the same when I started and, although WordPress do try to make it simple with step by step instructions I still didn’t understand it.

Note:  Make sure you keep a record of  all your log in passwords you use during any of the processes!!

The first thing is to sign up with WordPress.org which is free  (Must be .org if you want to have complete control over your websites – the WordPress.com site hosts the blog for you and restricts what you can do)and  a hosting company who make it easy for you to upload the WordPress Content Management system to your domain name. It is much easier if you buy your domain name from the hosting company you choose as wordpress will be uploaded onto the main domain name for your first blog/website.  I joined Hostgator who I have found to be fantastic (I don’t often say that about a company)  as, not only are they very helpful when you ask questions – no phoning, direct help is always online with one to one chat (I have asked so many ‘simple’ questions and they always have time for you and are very patient), but also it is extremely easy to upload WordPress to your blog/website and everything is done automatically, no manual uploading. Although I am in the UK and my sites are UK, and Hostgator is in USA I would recommend them to anyone who wants their own WordPress sites. A very reliable and helpful company and they are very competitively priced as well. I chose the Baby Croc package which allows you to have a number of sites included in the monthly price. As you gradually get to know how to add things to your blog with WordPress CMS you will be amazed at how flexible it is.

As I needed to find out things I, obviously, Googled the query and some information I came across was useful and a lot I didn’t understand. I then came across  the one I used the most and found the easiest to understand because they were all Video Tutorials which you could play again and again until you understood it. It was called WordPress Classroom. These video tutorials showed you how to set up your blog or website, configure emails, install plug -ins etc etc. etc. and loads loads more with step by step instructions on how to set up and run your blog or website. I know you have to buy the WordPress Classroom Video Tutorials but, believe me, you will use them time and time again to refresh your knowledge and it’s great to have them on your computer at all times. When I used the videos there were not many but now they have increased to 50 videos so absolutely brilliant to build your confidence in the wordpress website building process. Let me know how you get on with them because I am sure you will be very pleased.

I have built seven WordPress Websites now and, as I explained in a previous post, I use the very flexible theme called Thesis which is so easy to use and flexible and allows you to build a complete website in no time at all. The Thesis theme makes it easy to change your background, text, font colours. (Don’t look at this blog as an example of the Thesis theme as my other websites are business websites and I just havn’t found the time to work on this website.  It is very basic but I could do so much more if I had the time.

With WordPress you can automatically install what are called plug-ins, which is very easy, particularly with the WordPress Video Tutorials. These Plug-ins allow you do so much more to your websites and there are 8 must have plug-ins which I will talke about in my next post.

Take a look at WordPress Classroom Video Tutorials if you want to get started with a WordPress Content Management System, they are certainly worth having, they started me on the road to understanding the terminology and technicals stuff on how to do so many things about building my websites and I now thoroughly enjoy working on them.

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