What can I buy a business colleague for a retirement present?

January 21, 2010

I was asked this question the other day and immediately it made me think what I would like as a retirement present. The Company I worked for for 15 yrs treated me very badly, a large global french firm and they couldn’t even wish me a happy retirement. Having been extremely loyal for all those years they misled and lied about why I was leaving, telling colleagues that I had been made redundant although I hadn’t. I took voluntary redundancy at a time when I was over the original retirement age of the Company and they couldn’t even say goodbye. What a nasty Company they were. Oh well, gripe over, I must say it is the best thing I have ever done. It is a lovely idea to give somebody a retirement present, preferably engraved with a personal message that shows how much they have been appreciated over the years and a name and date of retirement.

After some thought I decided that our Solid Oak beautifully crafted Handmade in the UK Keepsake Boxes would be a lovely retirement gift or also for a long term service award. My father had his own Spring Manufacturing Company in Redditch, not large, he employed approx. 100 people and his employees stayed with him for years due to his loyalty and fairness to his staff. I can remember the numerous awards presentations I went to for men and woman who had worked for him for 25 years. Those were the days, now you are just a number and the larger the Company the worse they treat you.

So, if you are looking for a retirement present for one of your employees, if you are one of the better bosses, you can’t go far wrong with the Oak Memory Box with it’s engraved name plaque and the option to have a silver metal plaque with a message of up to 22 words on the inside of the lid. Your friend and employee will remember he or she was appreciated every time she lifts the lid.

A lovely wooden long lasting present to store valuable or special mementoes, documents, jewellery etc. safely and all in one place.

I only have two Oak boxes left at the moment, Pine boxes are out of stock, Girls Pink Boxes are out of stock, Blue Baby Boxes are very low in stock. The Christmas period was so busy that my local craftsmen havn’t been able to keep up with demand. Not a good situation to be in but, hopefully, I should get new stock soon.

My daughter is about to launch her own business and we are having lots of brainstorming sessions at the moment. Do the research and find your niche!! She would like to be at home when her son starts school and, with online sales increasing year on year, and knowing what I know now, I will be able to build her website and start her on the road of another successful business. The sooner she starts a business the better, we have done our research and I will be linking to her new site as soon as possible.

I’m off to make some Youtube videos now of my boxes, I have been trying train my Grandson to show the boxes off – he is quite good – but I think it is going to take some time to get the video I would like.¬† It’s great fun though!!¬† Speak soon.

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