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October 22, 2009

I am not sure if it just because we are getting nearer Christmas or just that more people are getting married in the winter but the popularity of our Wedding Keepsake Box , with a photo of the bride and groom on the top of the box and a monogram with the names and date of the wedding on the front, is astounding. We have been so busy and, at last, I have a chance to update my blog.

Busy month but with a few problems. A number of customers has had trouble paying through Paypal – not sure why because Paypal checkout is quite easy and extremely secure, I think it is something to do with the flexibility of the Shopping Cart. Anyway I am just updating to Paypal Pro which will allow me to take payments over the phone which will help a lot because I have been getting a number of calls from customers who prefer this method.

Royal Mail is on strike – just before Christmas – what are they thinking, the worst time of the year. Will it be the end of Royal Mai?? I have managed to change to a Courier that is not affected so have been updating my sites to inform my customers.

Products are now on Amazon – orders have started to come through – it has only been just over a week so it will take time. Every item listed on Amazon is barcoded and as the wooden keepsake and memory boxes are all unique they have to have new barcodes. Bit of a nightmare but, hopefully, worth the investment in barcodes. If anybody wants some barcodes just let me know as I now have 10,000!! I am still surprised by how many people still think that Amazon only sell books, CD’s and DVD’s. Amazon now sell everything from baby gifts, keepsake boxes, televisions, in fact everything that browsers are searching for.

My second best seller is the Baby Keepsake or Memory Box, personalised with the babys’ name and perhaps a personal message from Grandparents or Mums. I sent out a lovely Christening Keepsake Gift the other day with the full baby’s name across the top of the lid, Christening Day, Date of the Christening and address of the Church and Whimsical Design on the front of the box. All wording was in white and it really looked very special.

The Baby Keepsake Gift Sets are a lovely baby shower gift or christening gift including everything a new mother needs to record and store all babys’ mementoes. There are loads of different options if customers don’t need all the extras. One being posted tomorrow is a pale blue box and has the childs name instead of ‘You are my Sunshine’ on the front of the box in Dark Blue font.

My Grandson is having a bit of a hard time at the moment. He is coming up to 3yrs 6 months and is now in Kindergarten class. He is learning an awful lot for a little one and every day he is absolutely tired out at the end of the day and doesn’t cope with it very well. I pick him up twice a week, sometimes more, and he looks like he is sleep walking and sometimes the tears come. Up at 6am and back in bed by 6.30 p.m. and it just doesn’t seem to be enough sleep. At the weekend he still has a nap in the day and obviously misses out during the school day. Perhaps he is just too young to cope with this level of organised classes. He is learning to write his name, learning all his letter sounds. Too young I hear you say!!!

It is 10.10p.m. and I still have to do the accounts. If I don’t keep up with it every night it mounts up and takes much longer. Who said that working for yourself was easy, enjoyable, but not easy.

I still havn’t had time to change the site to the Thesis WordPress Theme although, on my main site Reads Creations which is still under construction, has the latest Thesis 1.6 and it really is excellent. The flexibility is second to none – you can do anything you want to design your site. I must finish it as I have been getting customers phoning me to ask where they can buy the products and I havn’t yet set up the products for sale.

So much to do and not enough time!!! Speak soon – will try and not leave it so long next time.

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