Storing Memories of a Loved One

May 2, 2010

The death of a parent, mother or father, is probably one of the worst times of a persons life and to lose them suddenly and unexpectedly is very hard to accept.  One day your father or mother is there with you and the next day they are gone.  The grieving process can be more intense and longer if it is a sudden death although whatever the circumstances each day your emotions will change. You might feel extremely angry – How dare your Mother or Father have left you so soon, you might feel hurt and emotions will run high as you think about the memories and possibly, sometimes,  almost emotionless in the depths of despair.  The grieving process is a slow and painful experience with good days and bad days although – in time – the anger pain will ease.

Storing the memories of a loved one is a natural part of the greiving process, at some stage you will want  to sort and store away safely items and trinkets which will remind you of the good times and of the important part they played in your life.  To lose a father, often the head figure of the family, is difficult and it is always important to try to hold the family together until the Mother has taken over the role.  To lose your Mother and Father is like losing the glue of the family. It is important for the family to re-establish itself with a family member taking on the role of ‘head of the family’  or the family may be in danger of drifing apart.

There could be lots of memories ie: photographs, jewellery, special clothing items etc. and often, the memory boxes available are sized for a baby and not for a mother or father who has lived for many years.  We have been supplying memory boxes for a number of years and one of our most popular, particularly for father’s,  is our large pine memory box with wooden engraved nameplate with room for a short message and the option of a hasp and staple and combination padlock.  To store your Mother’s memories we can add colourful handpainted wooden embellishments in a number of colours in Flowers or Butterflies.  The boxes are sanded and wax polished, fitted with a metal lid stay and the inside base of the box is lined with black felt baise.  They really are a good basic memory box and are ideal for storing memories of a loved one.

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