Starting a New Business

July 29, 2009

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It is never too late to do the things you have always wanted to do. For many years I felt that I would be an OK business woman and then I decided to change my life and give it a go. Having started my own business working at home life has never been happier

Having retired last year after working for 45 years, I wondered what I could find to do.  No more targets to reach, no more meetings, no more appointments and long drives around the UK, I must admit I thought I might get bored.  How wrong I was. How did I ever find time to work??? With two grandsons, one a teenager with whom I normally find myself upgrading his laptop or helping him with a software problem on the computer or just playing computer games and with a 3yr old who keeps me fit by playing hide and seek, Peter Pan and Captain Hook or showing him how to gambole or do handstands I throughly enjoy the couple of days a week I spend with them.

But what to do the rest of the week. With bills increasing and pensions decreasing I decided to start my own business, although as I had been working in an industry that was quite unique I found it very difficult to know what to do.

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