Sold out of Oak and Pine Keepsake Boxes

November 10, 2009

Did I say sales had gone quiet!! I think it lasted a few days it has now gone manic, Christmas is only about 46 days away. I havn’t bought any presents yet, it seems that everybody within our family are cutting down this year and only buying for the children. I think that is a very good idea because, although it is the thought that counts, I still have presents from last year that I havn’t even got out of the box.

I truly believe that Christmas is all about children and I know I get excited just giving presents to the little ones and feeling their excitement.

We have a family wedding just before Christmas, just like last year, so, as a family, we will all be together for that day so can’t be bad.

I am thinking of given the couple one of my Wedding Gift Certificates for my Wedding Keepsake Boxes as the girl my Nephew is marrying mentioned that she would love a box to keep all her mementoes of the wedding in. Good Choice!!

Did anybody see Robbie Williams today on Loose Women, wasn’t he just the best, so relaxed and happy. I have been playing his album all day, Reality Killed the Video Star, it is brilliant, although I love everything he does. He was great on Jonathan Ross and after he sang two songs Sky viewers were supposed to be able to press the Red button and here three more numbers. It didn’t work – an error code for me. So disappointing, I missed it – and have tried looking for the whole performance on the internet and it doesn’t appear to be available. What with the Electric Proms when we were only allowed to see edited highlights and now this, I am not happy!!

I am thinking of more products to make available to my customers, some unique christening presents, personalised but unusual. It is very difficult to find something unique as the market is flooded with loads of products now and many items coming in from China. I would prefer to stay with the real wood options and, preferably, locally made. I shall just have to keep on thinking and looking.

Contact me on the form above if anybody can think of something.

As you can see I have changed the site to the basic Thesis theme although I havn’t had chance to customise it yet. As soon as business slows down and I have finished my brothers website I shall make it look a lot prettier. It is still the most flexible wordpress theme I have looked at and with the latest Version 1.6 you can change font colours, sizes, background colour, menu colours in fact you can change everything with the easy Custom Hooks and Custom-function.php code.

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