Snow! Snow! Snow!

December 23, 2010

We are celebrating early – we have made it to the day before Christmas Eve without letting anybody down. We have just checked the tracking information for the last lot of boxes despatched yesterday and they have all been delivered. Well done, Parcelforce, I must say they have been excellent, extremely organised and very efficient – even through all the Snow!! Having received so many emails from happy and satisfied customers it makes it all worth while. So many new ideas to expand our range of boxes in the New Year – it is so exciting.

I, personally, have one day to get ready for Christmas. Not sure if I will make it although the first item on my ‘to do list’ was to dig the snow away on the front drive to allow for the cars arriving on Christmas day. I really enjoyed it, after two hours of hard labour and breaking up the ice, I now have a massive pile of snow on the grassed area, my grandson will love playing on that as long as it doesn’t end up back on the drive!!

November and December have been extremely busy for which I am very grateful although it has made me realise how ‘all work and no play’ means you do miss out on so much. I can relax now, sort out the Christmas dinner, wrap the presents, relax and take the dog for a walk.

My Grandson is coming tomorrow – he just loves the snow and with the sledge that is waiting here for him, I am really looking forward to it.

According to weather reports for the New Year we are going to have snow and more snow!! As long as it doesn’t affect deliveries of our wooden keepsake boxes too much, I am determined to enjoy it more perhaps a pair of skis will be the next purchase!!

Have a great Christmas and New Year and watch out for our wooden pine ‘wine’ storage boxes with or without lids in the New Year

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