Romantic Gift Ideas for Him and Her on Valentines Day

December 29, 2009

Christmas is over for another year – looking forward to New Years Eve although the weather here in the UK could be snow so it could be a ‘stay at home’ party!!  Everything stops when we have even a small ‘flurry’ of snow.  I live on a hill and it took me an hour to get to my house the other day when normally it takes three minutes.  The roads were snow on top of a sheet of ice so, even though the neighbours put down loads of grit and salt, our road was just a car park.  More snow due tomorrow so we shall have to see what happens, lets hope the forecast is wrong as most times it is.

Are you already thinking of ideas for a romantic gift for your loved one for Valentines Day – if you are a man reading this it is good that you are planning ahead instead of dashing out the night before and then wondering why you can’t find anything suitable.  If it is a woman reading this, yes you always think ahead and that is the best way to be.  (Sorry Men but that has been my experience of men although I am sure you are not all the same!!

Over the Christmas period one of the most popular wooden keepsake boxes for her has been a box with a special silver plate mounted on the inside lid of the box with a very personal message up to 24 words from him.   I have thought what a lovely thought and how romantic – the box has him and her names on the front of the box, perhaps with the date of the day they met and the message on the inside.  A personalised gift is probably the most romantic way of telling somebody that you love them and, if you fill the box with something – for example: chocolates, lingerie etc. that is even better!!  The box will then be used to stores all you and your partners mementoes of your life together and every time she lifts the lid she will read his romantic message and remember that he loves her. How fabulously romantic is that.

Enough from me – check out our romantic gift ideas for him and her on Valentines Day at Wooden Keepsake Boxes
I hope you have a very happy and romantic day and that your Valentine loves his/her present.

Also check out the real wood high quality Oak and Pine Memory Boxes which can be personalised with an engraved plate with your partners name –  Happy Valentines Day!!

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