Review of Hosting with Hostgator

September 15, 2009

With the start of my new business I needed to build websites and after getting a few quotes, I decided that I would attempt to build them myself. You are probably thinking, an OAP and building her own websites, what a laugh!! Well, I have now built five, tweaking them all the time to get them looking and working OK but I am very pleased with the result. The more I learn the more I will refine the sites to be more user friendly.

Having read a few articles and blogs about WordPress I decided that this was an ideal Content Management System for me to maintain and update myself. The next stage was to choose a hosting company whowould make the WordPress transition easy. After a lot of research I chose Hostgator and am I glad I did. Their technical support is excellent, almost any time of the day or night. This is useful to me because it is nightime that I tend to do the updating and building new sites etc. The main advantage of using Hostgator with WordPress is that it is all there in the control panel at the click of the mouse. You add-on a domain and it sets up your FTP files, database, in fact everything you need to get started in the WP-admin interface. I have read of so many people manually installing WordPress and having so many problems, I am so glad I hosted with Hostgator as I have never had a problem. WordPress installs easily and extremely quickly on each new domain. There technical help is second to none – they are very helpful even if you are a newbie and ask very basic questions. I went for the ‘Baby’ hosting plan which allows unlimited add-on domains to your account.

If you are looking for a hosting account that is WordPress friendly (installed with one click), very efficient with no downtime, helpful people – go for Hostgator – they are really really efficient.

It was all very new to me, building a website from scratch, so I commissioned a really nice guy in the US to get me started with a very basic site. He built four one page sites for me with the Thesis Theme. very basic sites and I took it from there. I then started two sites from scratch which went very smoothly and are up and running my business. I used one of the WordPress free themes for one of the new sites and it is not at all flexible and nowhere as good as the Thesis theme. If you don’t really want to get involved in editing code within the root files of the site, use the Thesis theme. The developers have made everything so easy from designing the site, including the options of 1, 2, or 3 columns, the width of each column etc. They have thought of everything and, I believe, the new update does even more.

I will do a review of the Thesis Theme in my next blog. I am just about to purchase the licence to use it on other websites, next time you look this blog should have the Thesis Theme installed. In the meantime, if you want to consider the Thesis Theme further, I have put a link on my site for you to find out more information.

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