Personalised Christmas Presents for Adults and a New Baby

November 21, 2009

Yes, I know, my business supplies personalised presents although I really do feel that, when a present has a relative, friend, baby or childs name on the product it is so much more personal and thoughtful. I know, for children, you can get books with the childs name added to the story and I have always thought that was such a lovely idea although the present will probably get lost or thrown away at some stage when the child has outgrown it. A personalised wooden keepsake or memory box will stand the test of time and a child will probably still be using it when they grown up and become an adult.

We all need storage and we have all got trinkets, documents, certificates that we would like keep safe and all in one place so a personalised wooden keepsake box is a great present and they are becoming more and more popular within the UK. There are more and more baby shower parties in the UK now, following the American trend, and baby keepsake boxes have been extremely popular in the US for some years. The UK is a bit behind the US but more Mums are realising the importance of keeping all those precious memories safe of their childrens first years.

I wish they had been around when my children where babies, I don’t appear to have any mementoes from the early days and it is so disappointing. When the children ask me questions about time of birth, what weight was I born, what was life like when I was born, I can’t answer them truthfully because I don’t remember it.

OK, let’s change the subject because I shouldn’t really be pushing my products, but think about it, it makes sense.

Did anybody see the Children in Need concert at the Albert Hall last night. Wasn’t it brilliant, Robbie and Take That on the same stage, I only wish they had sung a number together. It will probably happen one day but when I don’t know. Robbie’s new single, You Know Me is out on the 12 December 2009 and I would like to see him at No: 1 at Christmas but I don’t think it will be possible because the Xfactor winners single will be out. Then again, it might be possible, because the finalists don’t impress me that much and, although I have always downloaded the single on the winners night, there is nobody except perhaps, Danyl, that I would bother with.

Jedward are OK for the young uns for entertainment value, Tracy’s voice annoys me although her singing voice isn’t too bad, Lloyd will be gone next week and I can’t remember the names of the others. Doesn’t say much for them, does it. Rhydian impressed me so much that I wanted to buy his single and his album and I have been to see him live and he was fantastic. I hope Danyl does well although I read that he had threatened to walk out the other day. Oh well, I suppost we will have to see what happens tomorrow night.

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