Luxury Baby Keepsake Boxes Gift Set with Baby Casting Kit

October 8, 2012

Time…….Time……Time………where does it go!!    My father wrote a poem about ‘time’ and how true it is – each minute, hour, day and week just flies by so fast and there is so little time to write my blog!!! My eldest daughter has now resigned from her job and started with me full time on the 1st September, 2012.  She has certainly taken some of the pressure off me and the girls and learn’t a lot of the day to day running of the business – luckily just before the Christmas rush which has already started.

The business is still growing each year with additional designs being added weekly (see our new Luxury Baby Keepsake Boxes Gift Sets)  and we are so grateful for our ‘flexible’ staff who will work overtime over the weekend to ensure our customers are not disappointed and their boxes are finished and despatched on time. We get so many lovely emails from our customers, it makes the hard work so worth while.  If this Christmas is anything like last year we will all be working around the clock!!

All our XL pine boxes are now manufactured in the UK and the quality is excellent………. our latest gift basket to be added to our range is the luxury baby keepsake boxes gift set which includes a baby casting kit with frame to take castings of your baby’s hands and feet and we can now offer the XL pine boxes with a compartment tray.  Our customers have asked us many times to add the option of a compartment tray and, at last, they are now in stock either in painted or lacquered as an addition to all of our decorative pine boxes..

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