Lockable Wooden Storage Box for Students

April 28, 2013

Off to university or college??  Although the majority of students are honest and would not take something that is not theirs it is always possible that one may not be as trustworthy.  For personal valuable items the university normally supply safes to lock your valuables away although what do you do with those personal items that you need to have with you in your room.  Perhaps your iPad or Laptop that you don’t need to take with you – a lockable wooden storage box, perhaps with your name on it, is the answer.  The box we would recommend is a strong wooden box with a hasp and staple and combination padlock with the option of having your name engraved on a wooden plaque on the front or lid of the box.

See the full range of lockable wooden storage boxes which are available with a wooden embellishment on the lid or front of the box, or just a plain sturdy box with the lock and padlock.. All the wooden boxes are available with the lock and in natural or painted pine.  Size: 40cm x 30cm x 25cm they are a good large size to keep your personal belongings safe.

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