Keepsake Boxes for Children ‘The Time Capsule’

April 21, 2010

I was talking to a customer the other day and she put a very good suggestion to me.  Building up a Keepsake Box Time Capsule, when your child is young, for them to open on their 18th birthday.

What a great idea. Over 18 years friends change, grandparents get older and might not be around when the child is 18, Godparents move away from the area and, sometimes, lose touch with their Godsons and Goddaughters, relatives move or die so why not collect mementoes for a keepsake box time capsule. 

Letters could be written, birthday cards with a message, special events could be recorded with photographs of the occasion, videos and voice recordings could be stored on DVD all for the children to reads and listen to on their 18th birthday.

The box would need to be a large size to store all these special messages and trinkets etc. and our natural or rustic pine basic keepsake boxes would be ideal.  On the nameplate on the front of the box you could have the child’s name with the message Not to be opened until …………. (the date when they are 18), a hasp and staple and a combination padlock.

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If a child has lost their beloved Grandparents during the first 18 years wouldn’t they just love to hear from them in the form of a special letter or video.  You don’t have to bury your keepsake box time capsule, just store it and add to it on a regular basis over the years and, it could even include small gifts for his or her 18th birthday.

I’m going to fill one for my youngest  Grandson with, perhaps, some good sound advice on how to make the best out of life. With my older Grandson, having already reached the grand age of 18, I just wish the idea for the keepsake box time capsule had been put to me when he was younger.

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