Is Matt Cardle going to win the X Factor 2010 UK?

October 16, 2010

I just thought I would have a break from work – it is Saturday night after all – X Factor night. Matt Cardle is my favourite although there are quite a few good singers on UK X Factor 2010. Although the press are voting Matt Cardle as the possible winner, from past experience, the favourite doesn’t always turn out to be the winner so we must get behind Matt and vote for him. He is just a natural singer and has an excellent recording voice, so unassuming and really doesn’t realise how good he is.

Cher, from Malvern, also is ‘different’ – a unique voice and, although she is very young, she will go far and probably appeals to the younger generation more than to me although I do appreciate her vocal talents.

Mary Bryne – what can we say about Mary – a checkout girl made good. Nothing wrong with being a checkout girl, though, I am not sure how long she would last as a recording artist. She will bring out one ablum, make some money, and then probably go back to her old job.

Back to Matt Cardle – I would buy his album tomorrow – please Matt write your own songs don’t do all covers. The success stories are those singers who spend the time to write their own lyrics or music like Will Young. All his albums have been hits and he writes the most amazing melodies so Matt Cardle, although your first album will probably be covers and, I personally would like the songs we have already heard you sing on CD, please let your second album include music your have written yourself in the style you prefer.

Who do you think will leave X Factor 2010 UK on Sunday 17 October 2010? Their are two questions – Who should go? and Who Will Go? Personally I think Wagner should go although I have a horrible feeling that it might be a band. But which band will go??

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