How will small businesses survive in 2011

January 15, 2011

Christmas is over for another year and the news for 2011 looks very gloomy!! Think positive, my business has grown and grown over 2010 and, after an extremely busy run up to Christmas, I really thought that I would be able to have a little rest in January. How wrong I was!! Are you sure it isn’t still December? It has continued to be extremely busy with orders even coming in on Christmas Day. Although I wasn’t intending to start work again until about the 4th January, I ended up sending our wooden boxes out between Christmas and the New Year and it hasn’t stopped since.

I am not sure whether somebody has ‘twittered’ or ‘blogged’ about our boxes but one day in particular was so busy that orders just flowed in all day. Although it has slowed down slightly from that day my staff and I are still a little behind.

So, how do you think small businesses will do in 2011? I am already finding certain raw materials and costs are increasing although, as we source a lot of our products locally, the increase in petrol hopefully won’t affect us too much. I am still of the same conclusion that more and more people are shopping online. Personally I don’t have the time to go to the high street and do the majority of my shopping online including food.  We are all aware that, with the rise in VAT to 20% and the increase in fuel, it is going to affect all services and product costs and so 2011 will be a very challenging year although our plan is to introduce a wider range of prices affordable to all.  Our range of wooden keepsake and memory boxes are all large sizes and, with the introduction of slightly smaller boxes and, therefore, lower prices we hope that our range will have something for everybody. 

If small businesses are finding it difficult – then plan and diversify. I really believe that you have to move with the times and there is always a service or products, related to your core business, that you can target.

Our range of wooden storage boxes has increased to an extremely wide range over the past year and we plan more new designs in 2011. Our lates additions are our Rustic Wooden Storage Boxes with lid, made locally, that are in the style of old wine boxes with a french style illustration/stencil on the front and back. They are already selling well and really suit the country cottage or farmhouse decor. They have multiple uses and our customers are using them instead of a basket for logs, coal, kindling or as a wood planter for the garden. Also they are great for storing vegetables in the kitchen as the lid will keep the light off and possibly extend the life of the product. What about storing knitting, crafts, sewing, books, cds, the uses are endless and they are easily stackable.

Our plain blank unpainted wooden storage boxes for keepsake and memories are ideal for the crafter who is able to paint, stain and decorate their own special box. Check them out.

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