How to Start an online business

June 26, 2012

How easy is it to start an online business?

I often get asked this question although it is a difficult one to answer.  There is a lot of learning to do, especially if you are like me who had very little computer experience except in a work environment which included general computer spreadsheets etc.  My initial thoughts, when starting my online business, where to keep overheads down to a minimum. Initially learn to do everything yourself ie: build your own website, organise a payment gateway to enable your customers to pay on the website and you are ready to go.  I am assuming you have chosen your product/s to sell – this needs a lot of research to determine the demand, competition etc.  The less the competiton for your main ten chosen keywords, the easier it will be to get traffic to your site and without traffic – no sales.

The most important, and the most difficult, necessity is to get traffic to your site.  I cannot stress enough the importance of good quality one way backlinks, article writing, You Tube videos, Facebook, Twitter and other methods. All these raise the importance of your site in Google organic search, thereby, moving your site up the rankings. It is not easy, although if you have done your homework beforehand and chosen keywords without millions of competiters, with a lot of hard work your site should get to the first page of Google organic search.

Having started my business at home in 2009, and with turnover increasing every month, I am always looking for new and innovative wooden products to add to my range.  My customers send so many lovely emails praising our lovely wooden keepsake and memory boxes and it makes the hard work and long hours all worth while.

I think my answer would be NO – it is not easy to start an online business but if you take it stage by stage, choose the right product, are willing to work hard and long – you can build a good business with excellent growth potential even in these hard economic times.

At last we have all our various sizes of wooden boxes in stock.  It has taken a lot of work to get to this stage as suppliers have let us down so many times.   Our new pine extra large boxes are made in the UK and are of excellent quality and we look forward to a long association with the new company as they are giving us an excellent service.

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