Designing the Memory and Keepsake Box

August 26, 2009

Wow, it’s been a busy few weeks but I have thoroughly enjoyed designing more variations of the memory and keepsake boxes.  It is amazing how peoples opinions are so different, very difficult when making those final decisions.  With the help of my daughter, family and friends the prototypes of the new special boxes are finalised and I am extremely pleased with the results.  The digital printing process  to infuse the images on the boxes is proving to be quite flexible and we could, in time, create so many different designs. 

A friend suggested today that I create a box for the horticultural industry for ladies, or men of course, to keep their seeds in.  She is a very keen gardener and her seeds are all over the greenhouse and she would love a special box to keep them all safe.  Her suggestion of putting photo images on the top of the box of  the different flowers representing your birth sign is a good idea and perhaps I will design a special box for that niche in the future.

Business is improving daily and as I launch more memory boxes and keepsake boxes, busier and busier.  The solid oak and solid Pine Keepsake Storage Boxes are selling well, mainly for families to keep their family history documents, passports, birth certificates, important A4 documents safe and all in one place.  The real wood appeals to customers with traditional houses, wooden beams and the wood burning stove.  They look lovely in the natural wood and blend in well with the decor.  To add to this range, once again a friend suggested that I do an antique pine keepsake box which, she feels, would be more appealing than the varnished pine.

The Wooden Wedding Boxes with a photo and names of the bride and groom on the lid of the box has proved to be extremely popular even though, due to the cost of the process of getting the photo on the box, the sale price is quite high.  Although when I think about it with the high cost of weddings these days, perhaps the price is worth it to keep all their mementoes of that special day safe for years to come.

My next blog will update you on the different designs of special memory and keepsake boxes we have just launched.  In the meantime, contact us on the email above if you would like a special box customised just for you.

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