Confetti Wedding Planners and online website in Adminstration

I am extremely surprised to hear that Confetti Wedding shops and online website has closed it’s online shop and is now in Administration.  Having admired their online presence and a former ‘best website of the year’ this has come as a big surprise. We are in the middle of the wedding season and many brides, who are probably suffering from nerves anyway as the day draws closer, don’t need this additional stress just prior to their special day.

Confetti shops,  website and Confetti online shop have always been extremely active and with an annual turnover of £6m, and 1000 outstanding orders,  it makes you wonder who or what is at fault.  In the current climate are couples getting married on a budget or perhaps postponing getting married until their finances and the global climate improves.  The statistics have shown that the cost of a wedding has increased dramatically over the past 10 years – has the bubble burst – are smaller and smaller wedding parties the key.  180 guests or just close family of 60 guests – cutting the costs to an acceptable and affordable amount is often the answer.  A deposit on a house or a large wedding? – choices are being made – a big decision although perhaps Confetti has suffered as couples choose the latter.  

With over half it’s staff having been made redundant, a smaller Confetti will still work.  Couples will always be getting married and wedding planners will be needed. The bride and groom will always want their wedding to be one of the best days of their life.  Let’s hope it is bought quickly and the company’s good work can continue. 

I just hope that all those customers who are waiting for news of their purchases will receive their goods in time for the wedding day and don’t forget to keep and store all those special memories in your Wedding Keepsake Box.   We have been extremely busy, particularly with our new Photo on Acrylic Wooden Wedding Keepsake Boxes and Wedding Gift Certificates.  No, our turnover isn’t £6m per annum, not yet, although it is growing every month and we are launching new wooden storage boxes regularly, so it is always worth coming back for another look to see if the Wedding Keepsake Box of your choice is available.

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