Christmas is nearly here again!

October 31, 2009

It just doesn’t seem like almost a year since last Christmas, where has the year gone? Perhaps it has gone quickly because it has been so busy, I don’t know, but I can’t believe that we are all another year older!!

My main site, is almost finished, just one page to do which is the Solid Pine Memory or Keepsake Box. It has gone a bit quiet over the past week, I think it is the postal strike that has caused the downturn. My friend, who has a small business, agrees that her sales have almost stopped. I don’t know why it should make such a difference because not everybody used Royal Mail and our Courier is not affected at all.

My brother has just sold his business and is now acting as a consultant in the same industry. He was quoted over £1000 to have a new website built so I have built it for him. This has meant I havn’t had as much time to work on my site but it has been worth it, his site is looking good and I checked main keywords tonight and he is 1-5 on page 1 of Google and there is still some SEO to finish off. His competition isn’t that great so it should be quite easy to get some backlinks to improve rankings on some of his other main keywords.

I have almost sold out of the oak keepsake boxes, the sales increased dramatically and I know I should have ordered more sooner. I only placed the order the other day and as they are handmade in the UK I am pretty sure I will have no stock for some time. Just at the wrong time of year as well.

My new order of the white painted boxes arrived the other day, just to make sure there will be no shortage over the christmas period.

Am I boring you, I think I am just writing what is going on in my mind – is this the first sign of madness or just that I am shattered and need more sleep. Working on websites late into the night doesn’t do anybody any good.

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