Beautiful Baby Keepsake Boxes Gift Sets

October 5, 2009

Finding time to talk to you all is proving to be very difficult. I am glad to say we are extremely busy with the keepsake boxes and the baby gift sets which include two boxes, baby record book, handprint swipe kit etc. has proved to be very very popular. The feedback has been excellent and a number of our customers have had the name of the child on the front of the box instead of ‘You are my Sunshine’ – a great ideal and no difference in price.

It’s 12.30am and this is the first time I have had a minute to myself although I don’t mind because working for yourself is so different, you don’t mind the hard work because it is so rewarding to hear that our keepsake and memory boxes are loved so much. A Christening Box that went our the other day was beautiful with the full name of the baby along the lid of the box, the whimisical design on the front left and Christening Day, Date of the Christening and the address of the church on the front right. The customer was so pleased with it and that pleases me.

I mentioned in my last post that I had been using the Thesis theme and that this site would be updated to that WordPress theme very soon. Well, I havn’t done it yet as you can see. I have been working on my main site for the Company,Read’s Creations, and, although I havn’t finished it yet, I am using the latest Thesis 1.6 theme which is proving to be even more flexible that the previous version because it includes easy font and colour amendments for every part of the site. I really must tell you all about it in my next post but I am falling asleep now so I think I must get some sleep and speak to you all on another day.

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