Baby Bereavement Poems and Verses

March 24, 2010

As a designer and supplier of baby bereavement memory boxes, the pain a number of my customers are going through with the loss of their baby by SIDS, stillbirth or a miscarriage affects me daily.  Having lost a full term baby myself I can relate to the trauma they are going through.

If I am able to ease their pain slightly by designing a baby memory box to include their special baby bereavement messages, verses, poems and the name and date, it gives me great pleasure and I have received some lovely testimonials of their appreciation.

I would like to add a page to my site of  bereavement verses, poems, sayings etc.especially for babies and would love you to help me add to them by sending me the words. It will enable me to compile a list for my customers to chose from if they wish to have a verse on the lid of their baby bereavement memory box.

One baby bereavement  poem,  I think is beautiful, which has been requested a number of times is:

An Angel wrote in the Book of Life

Our baby’s date of birth

And whispered when she closed the book

“Too beautiful for earth”  

Apparently the writer of this baby bereavement poem is Anonymous although it is extremely calming.

To all the woman who have lost their babies I sincerely hope the pain eases with time and allows you to enjoy any precious memories you may have had with you baby before your loss.

More Baby Bereavement Poems and Verses

Please, please contact me and send me your poems or verses or sayings to help another bereaved mother choose for her special baby bereavement box.

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