Absent Fathers

June 3, 2010

Article for Absent Fathers who are not able to see their children

There are many reasons why some Dad’s are absent fathers and  not able or allowed to see their children. Their may have been a traumatic breakdown of a marriage or partnership, you may have moved away from the area or even abroad, the mother may have stopped you from seeing them. The statistics show that children who, for whatever reason, have not seen their father over the years very often search for them as they get older, often at the age of 16 or 18 years of age when they are maturing themselves and have a lot of unanswered questions.

The reunion for a father who has been absent over the years can be a difficult time for both parties and often the son or daughter has enormous feelings of rejection and abandonment. Why did you leave? Why havn’t you tried to contact me over all these years? Have you ever thought about me?

One way to be ready for the day when your son or daugher comes knocking on your door is to fill a special box for your child/children.

Remember their birthdays and add their birthday cards to the box.  If you know of a special event in their life write a letter telling them how you feel about not being able to be with them.  Buy a small thoughtful present for every birthday and christmas you are not with them. Show them that you have been thinking about them and don’t hold back on how it has also affected you over the years.

Ask yourself if you have tried hard enough to see them?  So many articles are always blaming the men for their absence although each case is so different. 

Some Women can be very vindictive if they have been hurt, possibly by their partners affair, resulting in them poisoning the childrens mind about the father or stopping the father from seeing the children altogether, or, the woman may be the one who has been unfaithful and might re-marry and choose to start a new family and want to forget about the first husband.  They certainly don’t realise what damage they can do to the children by not allowing them to retain a relationship with their biological father. The statistics show that 90% of children stay with their mothers when a breakup occurs so it is mostly always going to be the father who is the absent party.

Some men can just walk away from one family without giving them a second thought, re-marry and start another family and just forget about their first born. Many men are absolutely devastated at the break up of the family and not seeing their children is almost unbearable.

So many different scenarios, so many different reasons, so many different endings.

Don’t let the years go by without doing something about it.  So, absent fathers, if their is no chance of you seeing and interacting with your children start filling that special box now.

Take a look at our Natural or Rustic Pine Keepsake Boxes with the Personalised nameplate. The option to have a hasp and staple and combination padlock will enable you to lock it up safely until you are able to give the box full of keepsakes to them personally.  It may help to heal the gap in their lives they have experienced over the years by a fathers absence and will help them to understand that, although you were absent, you certainly never stopped thinking about them.

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