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 Having worked for 45 years life has certainly changed for me over the past 18 months.  With two handsome and delightful grandsons of 18 yrs and 3yrs old, working from home having started my own business, having the freedom to sit in the garden on the few occasions that the sun shines,  life has never been better. Oh, if I only knew what I know now all those years ago!!

Sourcing new products and designs for my new business has been rewarding and very interesting.  The internet is an amazing tool and with many websites competing for business, negotiation is the key.  Although some of the raw materials have been sourced online, many have been sourced locally, primarily to save on shipping costs.  For large consignments, although it is not as convenient as having them delivered to your door, any costs saved can be passed on to my customers.

Time is now organised into work time and pleasure time although the evenings are taken up with accounting and re-ordering.  A bit like being at work, you might say, although it is so much more enjoyable as, for one, you are working for yourself and there is no boss to answer to, and two, very little driving and no traffic queues.

Although my business has been successful,  bringing in customers by word of mouth and locally for the past nine months, the new websites for my wooden memory boxes and wooden keepsake boxes are an important process in the expansion of the business.  To build a website now is so much easier than it used to be. You only need to know basic HTML as the software converts normal text for you.  I can remember writing small programmes for one of the first computers to be produced and although it was interesting it used to take so long to write a basic game. How things have changed since then.  Don’t get me wrong, there is so much to learn about building a website although if you take it day by day it is very enjoyable. You can normally find an answer to any query you might have by searching online.

So join me and come on my journey with me.  The first few blogs will be a diary of what has happened up to now and, with updates as often as possible, you will get an insight into the pros and cons of starting a new business.

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